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Spotifys M.I.A First Hardware Car Thing Back In Action

Back in 2019, unveiled its first-ever hardware, the ‘Car Thing’. The company claimed that the device is still under R&D and didn’t reveal any plans as to when and if it will be launched.

Spotify’s ‘Car Thing’ was spotted on the FCC website earlier this year in January. More Renders of the device have now been discovered in Spotify’s app code.

The Renders reveal almost the same design as we saw in the FCC listing but in a clearer way. We can also see several ways of mounting the device to the car’s dashboard. Spotify’s Car thing has a large knob on the right side with a color screen attached to it. Four buttons can also be seen on the top of the device.

The ‘Car Thing’ can be mounted horizontally and vertically on the car’s dashboard based on the designs. It looks like this might be the final design for the device since the one shown by Spotify.

The original Car Thing has a circular screen on the side that shows what is being played, and it has buttons on the other side for playback controls. It will also include a voice-controlled smart assistance device for cars.

The connection will take place via Bluetooth which can be connected to a 12 V Power outlet.

Spotify’s original car thing has been designed in the US only, and with a small group of invited Spotify premium users.

Several reveals from Spotify suggest that it will conduct voice-specific tests in the future so users might hear about “Voice Thing” and “Home Thing”

Although, this is just a heads-up from Spotify since the company did not claim whether it will be ever made official.

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