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Internet Privacy All FAQs Answered

In this 21st century breakdown, a world without the Internet would be a world without water. This basically means it is now the basic amenity of people. The Internet has led us to create a separate version of ourselves ‘online. We use the Internet to communicate, share our thoughts, opinions, views, and it has become almost impeccably easy to do so with a click of a few buttons. Everything we consume, share and store on the Internet is data. Internet privacy and data privacy can often be interlinked, but in reality, Internet privacy is just a subset of Data privacy.

What does Internet privacy mean?

In layman’s terms, as the name suggests, Internet privacy is the right to privacy on the Internet. It is also commonly known as online privacy and, as we noted above, is just a part of data privacy. Your right to own privacy when you view, store and communicate data or information is known as Internet Privacy.

Everything we do, share and store on the Internet is information that needs to be protected and kept private. Which is not what happens. All our personal, financial, and browsing information is at risk when we use the Internet. Online privacy or digital privacy is how much of that information is actually kept secret.

What should we protect?

An extreme amount of information is exposed when we chose to surf the internet or watch a video, maybe tweet something or any other activity that requires web browsing. Sharing is just like the two sides of the coin, it can be intentional or unintentional. Online privacy is about a combination of what you are doing on the Internet and who you are. Who we are can be easily identified as we share personally identifiable information (PII) on the Internet. PII includes 0ur phone number, name, e-mail address, home address, etc. PII makes it very easy to track down an individual these days. Speaking about online security, our web activities come into play. Be it the browsing history, the websites we visit, data consumption, transaction history are all something are something that we need to keep a constant vigil upon.

What are the various Privacy threats?

To consider privacy threats in a single go is not something which is possible, because of the huge plethora of data and privacy threats that are existent in today’s time. Although some of them are:

  • Tracking: Let’s try to understand this in a real-life scenario, whenever we search for something on the Internet and then get along with our work on another website, we start seeing ads that are related to our recent search history. This may have a convenience factor for a particular group of Netizens, but in most cases, it’s an invasion of our privacy. Every movement we make is tracked by advertisers, websites, and other third parties, and they use cookie profiling to keep a record of your online movements and habits to target you with advertisements and accurately.
  • Surveillance: Due to the lack of proper law infrastructure in place regarding data and internet privacy, even our country’s government can monitor our activity and movement to aid law enforcement. An example of this is the UK having legal authorization under this Investigatory Power act to enforce mass surveillance of its citizens.
  • Theft: There are various techniques, viruses, and malware that cybercriminals use to access your personal information with or without our knowledge. These include malware, spyware, and phishing techniques. Cyberthieves usually can break into our online accounts and access and steal our personal information committing identity theft.


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